House, 2017
precious elements

A quintessential modern classic. Inspired by the gentle flow of the Parisian Seine River. Grâce collection symbolizes romance by the river.

Designed by House on an inspirational trip to the city of light.

Parametric & Anthropometric Design

The wedding band, a life long companion, should be meticulously designed for you. Instead of mass-manufactured rings that you fit into, House NY creates rings that fit onto you. Using a House formulated algorithm similar to the golden ratios found in nature’s incredible beauty. Every dimension is carefully considered and custom made-to-order for the fortunate patron, resulting in a unique heirloom that will be treasured for generations to come.

Futuristically 3D Formed

Utilizing the cutting edge laser-driven 3D forming technology for prototyping and production, this technique allows for the utmost precision that’s true to the original design intent

Sustainably Casted

Your precious creation uses the highest quality re-molten precious metal. This practice reduces the environmental impact of mining for new source material, while the cycle of precious metal already excavated is sufficient to sustain new creations for generations to come.

Meticulously Finished

Each creation is carefully sanded and polished by a masterful craftsman, ensuring the final touch is unmistakably humanistic.

Sumptuously Presented

For gold, platinum and palladium rings, House NY has worked with the premier English luxury leather craftsmanship brand Smythson to created a tailored made luxurious calf leather ring box that elevates your special occasion. The pop-up mechanism of this presentation box is sure to please even the most discerning individuals. The keeps-sake nature of this luxurious ring box gives the packaging a second life as an heirloom keeper.